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Tiger Eye Palm Stone

Tiger Eye Palm Stone

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Tantalizing in shades of gold and black, this Tigers Eye Palm Stone pulls in big energy. In the crystal guide, Tigers Eye is a gorgeous grounding force famed for its protective powers. This gem stays true to its name - helping you to see clearly and to call on your courage when needed. With a tradition as an amulet against curses, you can play with this palm stone whenever you feel the need to shield your energy. 

“With this palm stone, I create a safe haven in my home, head, and heart.”


Tiger Eye is here to encourage you not to hold back any longer. If you are someone who bites their tongue, hangs back, or hesitates - this could be the perfect gem to pull you out of the shadows. The meaning of Tiger Eye works as one of the root chakra crystals to instill a sense of sweet safety and ensures we feel supported in all our endeavors. Whenever you feel yourself reeling or reversing, grab this palm stone and let it lift you up. 

Working closely with the root chakra, Tiger Eye stabilizes emotions, helps you stand tall, and dissolves any blocks getting in the way of feeling safe and strong. Along with the root chakra, this earthy bright stone also works with the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra - in these chakras is where our warrior spirit and our inner child sit. By releasing them, you can trust your instincts to play, prowl, or pounce. These are all reasons why Tigers Eye makes for a great choice for gemstone bracelets, zodiac bracelets, and worry stones for those wanting to feel protected.  

Palm stones bring a comforting weight to our hands - they keep us grounded, focused, and fine-tuned in meditation. You can wear a Tigers Eye bracelet or hold this stone when craving comfort, when seeking guidance, or simply when you want an extra burst of energy. This Tiger Eye Palm Stone can also work its feng shui magic on your space - creating a safe haven for you to grow. 


  • Genuine Tiger Eye Gemstone 
  • Approx 1.5" wide x 2.5" long, .25 inched thick 
  • Color, shape, size and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card.

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