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Red Jasper Angel

Red Jasper Angel

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Let comforting warmth nurture your soul with the Red Jasper Angel. This crystal angel carved from Red Jasper stone dances in shades of vibrant red. Laced with courage, offering a glorious grounding force, and helping you commit to focusing and inner strength, this crystal angel helps you grow.

“With this angel, I deepen my roots, expand my passion, and let my inner flame shine bright”


The Red Jasper Angel is all about balance, stamina, and stoking your inner fire to ensure that your light never goes out. For those who struggle with motivation or who find themselves slumped by low moods, this radiant gem can provide an instant pick me up. Red Jasper is linked to the kundalini serpent that sits at the base of the spine - when awakened it can truly level up your life. While kundalini awakenings can be overwhelming you don’t need to worry about this with the Red Jasper Angel in tow as the angel element is here to keep you safe and steady and serves as a protective talisman.   

Red Jasper is also linked with the root chakra. This is one of our most vital chakras as it is the foundation on which we build our sense of safety. When our roots are deep and steady, we are able to rise up and flourish in all the finest ways and avoid that feeling of being knocked off our feet completely when life does throw a curveball our way. 

The Red Jasper Angel carvings can bring all the powers of joy and protection into your home. Place it by the front door to stop any negative energy from entering your house or carry it with you to surround yourself in a cloak of protection - in a way that doesn’t feel guarded, shut down, or locked into a stagnant way of thinking. Make space for more passion in your life with the Red Jasper Angel.  


  • Unique and genuine Red Jasper gemstone 
  • Approx. 3 inches tall and 1-inch base 
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card.

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