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Opalite Worry Stone

Opalite Worry Stone

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Get glowy and amplify all the fine things with the Opalite Worry Stone. A wonder of light and bright energy, simply holding this stone is enough to wash all your fears away. The Opal meaning hums with high vibrations, meaning it chases all negativity out the door and leaves you sweet, soft, sparky, and ever-ready for what’s coming next.

“With this worry stone, I welcome luminous creativity, clear sight, and welcome change.”


It’s hard not to fall for the calming and relaxing energy of Opalite - dressed in the best moonlit colors and with a pearly sheen, this stone brings endless healing, balancing, and brightening to the party. Whenever you feel the weight of woes upon you, meditating, holding, or even glimpsing this stone is enough to give you the strength to rise up. Opalite is a generous amplifier, meaning it can take a seed of a feeling and feed it until it thrives. That gives it lots of luminous creativity and an abundance of joy and positivity to play with.

Opalite is also a chakra healer, but rather than send its shimmering energy to a single chakra, it works to align all of them. Simply by rubbing the stones, you can send energy radiating to all seven chakras, and you can enjoy the sweet sensation of being open and in your fullest flow. Opalite is also a great gem to have around during times of transition as it helps you to gently step into the pool of change without feeling fear or being overwhelmed. Opalite bracelets and Opalite Palm Stones are also perfect crystal accessories to help you make the most of its energy.

Worry stones are the perfect talisman for those times when you need a personal mascot to pick you up or bring inner peace. These stones can be slipped in the pocket or can sit with comforting weight in the palm of your hand - they also make for excellent fiddle tools for when you need to release negatively stored energy. 


  • Unique and Genuine Opalite gemstone
  • Approx. 2 inches long and 2 inches wide Weight
  • Color, shape, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card.

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