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Bleu La La

Lulababe 2 Tone Pacifier

Lulababe 2 Tone Pacifier

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  • Lulababe Stage 1 Paci: Suitable for infants 0-12 months. The Bleu La La Lulababe Pacifier is adorable, durable, and dependable – all the things your precious little one deserves. It minimizes fussiness while maximizing cuteness for your sweet little bundle of joy. Meticulously designed to soothe, and comfort your sweet babe from birth through teething.
  • Lightweight Soft Soothing Texture: Soft, supple texture with minimalistic lightweight design, for maximum comfort for you and your little one. The soothing texture helps calm and relax your child, providing a comforting sensory experience.
  • Proven Nipple Shape: The proven nipple shape on this pacifier, crafted by infant specialists is soft and durable, making it ideal for newborns and teething babies. Its thoughtful design promotes healthy oral development, ensuring a smooth transition from breastfeeding to pacifier use.
  • Cpsia Tested and Compliant: Our pacifiers and teethers were carefully designed with your baby’s health directly in mind. Made of 100% Food grade silicone featuring large vent holes for breathability and to reduce moisture buildup.
  • Care Instructions: Sterilize each pacifier before use by boiling it in water for five minutes and allow to air dry. It is advisable to replace the pacifier every 3 months to maintain utmost safety and hygiene. If pacifier shows any signs of damage, please discard and reach out for a replacement.
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