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Lepidolite Tower

Lepidolite Tower

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The Lepidolite Tower stands tall and serene and is a dream to keep close by. Known for putting comfort, love, and warmth first - this crystal tower will pave the way for inner peace. Lepidolite is a rare gem that comes laced with natural levels of lithium. This gem is a lullaby for all those who want to regulate their hormones, stay in balance, and even be protected from the negative fallout of EMFs. The tower shape only adds to that potent protective energy.  

“With this tower, I stay steady and ready to pull in the energy I need and release what doesn’t serve me”. 


Let the Lepidolite Tower soften all your hard edges without taking away an inch of strength. This purple tower is all stable harmony and deep-seated emotional healing. Lepidolite is a stone that wants to tempt you out of old behavior patterns that are no longer serving you. Instead, this stone entices you to self-soothe, balance out those higher chakras, and shake off anxious thoughts and feelings that can weigh you down.

The Lepidolite Tower is also a great tool for getting clear when it comes to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. The third eye is linked to our inner wisdom and helps us to embrace intuition, and inner knowledge, and to strengthen our connection with our deepest master self. The crown chakra serves as a bridge between earth and higher plains of existence. It is arguably our most spiritual chakra and can even help us to nurture our special psychic gifts.  

The tower shape is a sacred shape and a glorious choice for the Lepidolite stone. As Lepidolite is all about balance, stability, and standing tall in your own flush of power without turning away from your spiritual self, this shape perfectly represents that mood. With a solid base and all sides rising to an apex point that pulls in power from the universe and releases negative or non-needed energy, keeping the tower in any space is sure to have a high vibrational effect.


  • Unique and genuine Lepidolite gemstone
  • Approx. 3-4 inches tall and 1-inch base
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card.

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