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Blue Aventurine Palm Stone

Blue Aventurine Palm Stone

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This Blue Aventurine Palm Stone stuns with its calm energy and intuitive vibes and for helping you step into your adult power and step up to the responsibilities of life. Beautiful Blue Aventurine is one of the rarest of the Aventurine family, and this reflects in its shimmer and sparkle.

For those seeking a teacher stone, this gem can become your guiding light as you move through the world. 

“With this stone, I say farewell to childish thinking and welcome the wisdom of age”


The Blue Aventurine Palm Stone shares many similar traits to other shades of Aventurine found in the healing crystal guide. Known for being crystals that call on balance, encourage confidence, and act as a magnet for luck and abundance - this is the stone you want onside. What marks Blue Aventurine out from the crowd is its other healing properties. Blue Aventurine is a chakra crystal that can align your energy with high vibrations, help you welcome shifts and changes, and keep you level-headed and happy throughout.

The Blue Aventurine Palm Stone is all about rational thinking. It moves with masculine energy, helping build strength and stability in those who hold it close. This is why it's such a good supportive stone or gemstone bracelet to have close when moving through seasons of change or going through a transformation. It also helps us to move beyond those more childlike qualities we can become attached to - jealousy, selfishness, and passive-aggressive tendencies. Instead, it encourages communication, far-reaching vision, and deep intuition. It makes for a great zodiac bracelet, worry stone, and gift for those who love blue crystals.

Blue Aventurine is a throat chakra and a third eye chakra healer. Wear it as a bracelet or hold the stone and it will work to dissolve blockages in these areas so that you can connect your true voice and your wisdom. Palm stones are perfect for welcoming into the home to create a sacred space. They can also be used in meditation and in problem-solving. 


  • Genuine Blue Aventurine Gemstone 
  • Approx 1.5" wide x 2.5" long, .25 inched thick 
  • Color, shape, size and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card.

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