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Black Tourmaline Silver, Gold or Rose Gold Ring

Black Tourmaline Silver, Gold or Rose Gold Ring

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Slip this Black Tourmaline Silver Ring on your finger and send negative energy packing. Brimming with powerful protector energy and all shades of subtle strength, bright silver and the inky magic of Black Tourmaline come together in this ring - ready to transform anxious feelings, gobble up bad vibes, and bring a sense of sweet healing to even the hardest of times.

“With this ring, I shake out fear and follow my truth so I can live the life I was born for”


The ever-pleasing aesthetic of volcanic black against the starry flash of silver is something to fall in love with in this sterling silver gemstone ring. This gorgeously grounding Black Tourmaline stone comes set in a striking statement ring - bringing with it soothing vibes that can cut straight through any anxious thoughts and feelings. 

Black Tourmaline is here to keep you tethered.  This jet black gem is famed for being a root chakra cleanser - ever ready to dissolve any blockages that keep you from feeling safe and steady in this world. When your root chakra is cleansed, you will feel ten feet taller - basking in the brilliance of self-confident style and making decisions that work for you and where you want to be.  Black Tourmaline also encourages you to lift your head from the sand and look for your truth. When we are stacked with our own sense of truth, we are well on the way to living the life we were born for.

Held in place by the shining arms of silver, this ancient precious metal brings its own healing vibes to the mix too. Silver is known for being a natural healer and comes cloaked in antimicrobial properties. It is also a metal known for its mirror-like qualities - doubling down on themes of truth-seeking. Silver is also believed to bring balance, composure, and true calm to a hectic soul.


  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver
  • 3mm Faceted Black Tourmaline Gemstone
  • Comes in Sizes 5 - 9
  • Made in India with Love
  • Comes with a description card.

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