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Amethyst Tower

Amethyst Tower

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Rise to lofty new heights with the shimmering purple hues of the Amethyst Tower. This large Amethyst stone carved into a serene-stacked tower captures the spirit of divine healing and deeper decision making power.

Known for its crown chakra vibes, ability to bring you into emotional balance, and nurturing spirit, this tower becomes a lighthouse of clarity and calm, leading you out of crashing seas.

“With this tower, I commit to doing the quiet work that will awaken long-term serenity and simple joy”


Of all the crystals and minerals, Amethyst seems to steal the show when it comes to spiritual wellness. This soft purple gem has endless healing qualities – from inviting you to sink deeper into sleep to helping shake the cobwebs of headaches and the strands of tension, awakening your third eye to its intricate power, and giving you a calm sense of courage no matter what.

The Amethyst Tower is a dreamy marriage of stable strength meets powerful heavenly connection. The tower shape stands solid but its energy runs up to a tailored point that channels all your dreams, desires, manifestations, and intentions out into the universe. This tower is a symbol of our own makeup – we need deep roots to rise and we call on our crown to connect with those higher realms. Having the tower in your space helps us to commit to doing the work, to clear the chakras, and to channel our own energy in ways that serve us mentally, physically, and spiritually too.

One glance at this Amethyst Tower can be enough to instantly sweeten the mind, bring you back to the quiet of your inner space, and help you to follow your own map. Decision making and courage don’t always need to be loud, sometimes it’s the gentle shifts that happen when we take a deep breath moment. From mindful meditation to awakening serenity and simple joy, this tower taps into the folds of your own wisdom.


  • Unique and genuine Amethyst gemstone
  • Approx. 3- 4 inches tall and 1 inch base
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card

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