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Amethyst Palm Stone

Amethyst Palm Stone

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Let the violet light of this Amethyst Palm Stone pick you up. Forever serene and soothing, Amethyst is everyone’s favorite spiritual gem.

Shimmering with crown chakra vibes and here to instill a calm mind, the Amethyst Palm Stone keeps overwhelm at bay and makes sure you feel unified with the world around you. 

“With this palm stone, I soothe my soul and prep the body and mind for awakening.”


The Amethyst Palm Stone is essential for any crystal lover seeking truth, balance, healing, and leaping to higher plains. Ever associated with energy centers and deepening connections to the celestial realm, this gorgeous deep purple gem works across the body, mind, and soul to prep you for awakening. Physically this chevron Amethyst Palm Stone can help you welcome sweet sleep, boost your immune system, and help you release head and body tension. Check the crystal guide, and you see that Amethyst is the ultimate in crystal healing. The meaning of Amethyst is sheer serenity, wear it as an Amethyst gemstone bracelet, use it as a zodiac bracelet, carry it as a worry stone, or call on its power as a palm stone.

 Emotionally, this soothing stone works to balance your thoughts and feelings. It’s exceptional at stopping negativity from running the show and, instead, keeps you tethered to clarity and calm. For those who struggle with decision-making, sitting peacefully with this stone can help you reach a place of potent knowledge. Spiritually, Amethyst is one of the known crown chakra crystals meaning that it can strengthen your connection to the divine realm. It also works in harmony with the third eye chakra ensuring that wisdom and wonder are ever awake and present in your soul. 

This palm stone is a must whether you want to sit in serenity and let its light fill every corner of your being or if you are looking for ways to rid yourself of tension and tight-lipped worry. It can also be a welcome amulet in the home, helping to keep the energy soft and soothing every time you step across the threshold.


  • Genuine Amethyst Gemstone 
  • Approx 1.5" wide x 2.5" long, .25 inched thick 
  • Color, shape, size and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card.

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