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Rose Quartz Sphere with Tripod

Rose Quartz Sphere with Tripod

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Radiant with its soft pink hues, the Rose Quartz Sphere is one of the most important healing crystals for those looking to bring more love into their life. As smooth as polished stone and ever ready to gently ward off negativity to make way for deep nurturing love to bloom, the Rose Quartz Sphere is here to be placed in the palm or gifted space in your home. 

“With this Rose Quartz Sphere, I am here to do the deep work of heart healing, and to celebrate my wholeness with the universe” 


What is Rose Quartz Used For?

One glance at the rosy hue of this healing crystal and the heart just fills with a new sense of love. The Rose Quartz Sphere is a master when it comes to softening tough hearts and letting you find your way back to love. When we talk about Rose Quartz and love, it doesn’t simply mean attracting a partner into your life. Rather, the Rose Quartz is less interested in the fleeting fantasies of romance and is more about lending a helping hand to fill every corner of your soul with the everlasting energy of self-love. 

When we are filled with gratitude and love for the self, we find ourselves in a much more stable spot to receive all the wonders that the universe has to give. We stop our search for wholeness and instead use our energy to celebrate and support the natural self. Those dealing with a blocked heart chakra or who put castle walls around their inner kingdom will find trust doesn’t come easy and that opportunity seems to always pass them by. For those that commit to doing the deep inner work of healing the heart wounds and strengthening their desire to move forward into a life of light and tenderness, the Rose Quartz Sphere is the only instrument of beauty you need

Rose Quartz Spheres are ready to bring out maternal loving energy so that you can learn how to mother yourself with softness and sweet compassion. It's a kind of love unlike any other when we can find a sense of gentleness and turn it inwards. Only by turning love inwards can we expect it to radiate out. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Rose Quartz?

The Rose Quartz Ball whispers with a mystical quality and it comes as no surprise that quartz spheres, in general, have been used as a tool for occlumency and to perfect the art of Scrying. Scrying is a practice where one gazes into a crystal sphere, using it as a mirror to glimpse messages from the universe or hints at what the future may hold. But beyond the crystal ball element, the Rose Quartz Sphere also represents a feeling of oneness or wholeness in the universe. Free from the jagged edges of life, this sphere takes on the completed nature of the full moon, the total compass of our planet, and the pure promise of sending out soft vibrations across every surface, without there being any corners to cut.


Rose Quart brims with the promise of spiritual being. While it works to strengthen those softer traits of compassion and acceptance, its spiritual meaning is all about infinite peace and heart chakra healing. Few other stones in the world connect with the heart chakra on the same level as this Rose Sphere, and it’s dreamy vibrations send reassuring love and thorough healing to every crack of the soul. When you welcome Rose Quartz into your world, it’s a beautiful time to pay homage to all that has passed but prep your body, mind, and soul for turning the page. 

Where Do You Place Rose Quartz in Your House?

The large Rose Quartz Sphere should be placed in the center of the home, or the place where you want to invite deeper connections, higher levels of compassion, and softer communication from a heart-led place. Many people love to place them in the bedroom or close to the bed, especially for those who want to rouse a little more intimacy whether that be spiritually or physically. 

Crystal spheres can also be placed on an altar or any space that you turn to when practicing meditation, tarot reading, yoga, or just about any place where you invite connection with the higher self. If there’s a place where you feel like you need to practice being less self-critical (perhaps the office or artist studio), you can also invite a Rose Quartz stone, sphere or crystals into that space to continually keep the promise of self-acceptance and love flowing through. 


  • Unique and genuine Rose Quartz gemstone
  • Approx. 1.5-2 inches
  • Color, shape, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card.

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