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Carnelian Sphere - Large - One of a Kind - AAA Quality by Tiny Rituals

Carnelian Sphere - Large - One of a Kind - AAA Quality by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Welcome unity and all the rich energy of the universe with this large and totally unique Carnelian Sphere. Speckled with sunset shades and illuminated by the light of inner fire, this AAA-quality Carnelian Sphere can kickstart your life - helping to move you from stagnancy to shake up in all the right ways. 

“With this sphere, I shake dormant energy, awaken my chi and become my own advocate.” 


Colorful and soaked with the energy of chi, Carnelian calls on us to be our own advocates as we move through the world. Famed for its ability to rouse the warrior spirit from sleep, Carnelian is about awakening the lower chakras and shaking out dormant energy. A stone that says sleepwalk through your days no more; the Carnelian meaning is centered around knowledge, action, and putting what is best for you into practice. 

Carnelian bracelets and Carnelian jewelry and accessories are pure joy. This gorgeous gem helps us to step into ownership of our power and encourages creative play, purpose, and even exploring our sensuality. It’s a stone that wants you to live life to the max and lets energy flow to every corner of the soul. For those who have been feeling sluggish or out of sync, this Carnelian Sphere can help piece you back together and will bring your thoughts, words, and actions into alignment. 

The sphere shape sets the bar when it comes to the sacred energy of Carnelian. As a symbol representing wholeness, oneness, and unity with all things - the sphere also helps us pay homage to the cyclical nature of things. Sit with this sphere in meditation or use it to channel clear energy through the lower chakras.  The crystal sphere can also bring fresh spirit vibes into a stagnant place. Being a gem that has earned one of the highest accolades of triple-A status, this sphere won’t skip a beat when it comes to delivering the best energy level.


  • Unique and Genuine Carnelian Gemstone Sphere
  • Approx. 2,25 Diameter, Weighs 11.5 oz.
  • Comes with Tripod
  • Comes with a description card


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